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For United States Buyers the estimation time is ~2 weeks! (7-15 days)

For international buyers the estimation is between 2-4 weeks! 

(Dear International buyers, for a better estimation please contact us!)



US Buyers = $3.99 USD Standard Shipping (No sales tax)

International Buyers = $4.99 USD Standard Shipping (due to overseas rates)

I know you guys are very patient people! We do international shipping! If you are currently living in a country that is not currently listed and wish to buy something from us, please let us know and we can accommodate.

We will provide a tracking number and a site to where you can track it! And, We always provide a tracking number!

If you have any questions regarding about the shipment, hit us up with a message and we will respond back to you ASAP!

For business and handling, it usually takes 1-5 days depending on the amount of orders, weekends, holidays, etc etc. There will be times where we won’t be online for a week due to a national holiday, but we will make sure to tell you guys in advance!

We are paypal verified and do prefer to use paypal as payment for a much easier and safer transaction for both you and for us. But, we do accept credit/debit cards as well!