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Shipping and Returns FAQ


Will my items be shipped altogether?

A: There will be times where your items won’t be shipped together in one package because we are trying to provide the most inexpensive shipping there is for you. But, the packages will be shipped by the same shipping method as it was stated under each item (refer back to item description).

I would like to know an estimation when my package will arrive.

A. You can contact us and ask us about delivery estimation. You should include which country you are currently residing in, so we can provide you a better estimation.

What happens if my product doesn't fit the description or is not functional?

A. We would like you guys to contact us about the problem. We would also like for you guys to take a picture of the product if the item doesn’t fit the description ONLY. We will either send you a replacement or give you your money back if the item does not fit the description, your choice!

And, If the item is non-functional, contact us and we will do our best to help fix the situation.

Where can I see my tracking number?

A. You will receive an email with the confirmation of your item being shipped along with the tracking number.